by Liz Snyder

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released March 16, 2010

Liz Snyder: Guitar, Vocals, Whistles
David Conway: Bass, Additional Guitar, Keyboard
Walker Janelle: Percussion

Recorded by David Conway at the Zombie House in Portland, Oregon
Mixed by David Conway, Liz Snyder, and Walker Janelle



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Liz Snyder

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Track Name: The Basset and the Bear Trap
track me down
i can't win, no
drink the rivers
catch the rabbits
trap the dog
roll the fog
scowl the wolves
build the flowers
tell the forest to grow more trees
tell the men to lay less bricks because
stability is ability
Track Name: Garbo Has No Say In This
follow me down the interstate, we're running late
follow me down the trail of gold, i'll tell you how it's told

we counter-act to, we can react to, we could kill it off or we could get it on together

i wish my sheets were as soft as your cheeks
you could watch Garbo and I'll watch you
Track Name: Dear Forest, Grow Taller
dear forest,
what i miss the most is that flood of flavor
from forks in streams and fog in future footsteps
sounds of slightly silent
spooks in spruce

smell the score of forest requiem
restless rustic winds wait
in ratty rotting rose bushes

dear forest,
weigh out right from wrong
bunny paw path
to the left of my panting pal
eyes glaze over
freeze to figurative and never forget
Track Name: What A Gentleman...
like a fisherman
boozed and scruffed
i could call you out
your name is so invincible

can't you feel my eyes grow?
can't you see my fear?

these places i've been
few and stuck together
leave me with all the beauty i need

like a gentleman
smooth and sparse
i could help you out
your game is so untouchable